Paper Writing

           The research proposal should define about the objective of the proposed study, as well as the methods and study design to achieve the objective required.

           The main target of a research proposal is to present and explain the need to study a research problem and to present the practical ways in which the proposed study should be conducted. To get the proposed study going, it is highly essential that you develop it using persuasive language so your supervisors may understand your proposed idea and the way you would proceed on it.

           Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews. Preparing and writing down a research proposal is not a simple task. Significantly it need much time to browse the web to get possible topics and to examine all possible results that will be relevant to the research topic. Within the time limit provided, searching for papers, analyzing, finalizing content and preparations requires enormous time than planned.

  Paper Writing Includes

   • Abstract

   • Introduction

   • Problem Definition and Solutions

   • Literature Review ( Related Work)

   • Proposed work Analysis

   • Mathematical Analysis

   • Pictorial Analysis

   • Results Analysis

   • Conclusion and Future work